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Best stick welder has recently become one of the most searched keywords on the internet. The reason is, nowadays there are more and more industries that need welding for the sustainability of their business. Given that there are many different types of welds, there is the most preferred one.

Best Stick Welder

Stick welder or stick welding is one type of welding favored by welders. Stick welding is the most important welding skill. This is because, for industry, welding is a fundamental thing that must be done well. So, to be a good arc welder, you need to have a great stick welding machine.

10 Best Stick Welder For Beginners :

On the market itself, there are several brands of stick welding that offer many different advantages. Here are 10 best stick welder recommendations that you can buy:

1. Lotos LTPDC2000D Multiprocess.

Lotos Welding Machine

Lotos LTPDC2000D is a welding stick that has more than a 200 amp stick arc welder. On top of that, the wand can do TIG 15-200 amp work and includes a 50 amp plasma cutter that can pierce 1/2 inch wide steel. Equipped with multiple input voltages, these rods allow the user to use them in both home and commercial industrial welding. The reason is, the input power generated by this welding stick is 120 volts or 240 volts.

The LTPDC2000D Lotos is also equipped with a high-frequency arc which allows the user to run the arc with ease. The welding machine part already uses soft arc technology. That way, this welding machine can save material because the TIG torch never touches the surface. Also, this machine can eliminate the main cause of tungsten electrode contamination. Unfortunately, this welding machine is not equipped with the TIG heat control pedal.

2. Hobart Stickmate 160i.

Hobart Stick Welding Machine

It’s well known that Hobart products never disappoint buyers. Moreover, Hobart is also known as one of the oldest welding brands from America. The main advantage that Hobart has is its sturdy construction and outstanding performance. The Hobart Stickmate 160i performs well, but keep in mind that this Hobart product is made in China. Even so, Hobart assures customers that the machines meet the standards that Hobart sets.

Many users also praised the Hobart Stickmate 160i for its smooth performance. Hobart also offers a long warranty on this product to demonstrate Hobart’s confidence in quality. The power inverter gives the stability in stick mate 160i under twenty pounds, light enough to move around in the workplace with the included shoulder strap.

The Hobart Stickmate 160i has an infinitely adjustable current dial and can be output adjusted in increments of as little as 1 amp. This machine is capable of operating with a power of 120 or 240 volts, so the Hobart Stickmate 160i is considered very comfortable and powerful. This Hobart product is capable of welding 3/8-inch thick steel with a variety of down current options up to 20 amps.

3. Amico ARC160D.

Amico Stick Welding Machine

The Amico ARC160D is an inexpensive and lightweight arc welding machine that offers a digital LCD screen. This DC stick welding machine has a wide output range of 20 amps to 160 amps. The engine flows control is also quite easy to adjust on the front panel which increments in 20 amp steps.

The built-in inverter power makes the engine extremely light at just 15 pounds. The Amico ARC160D arc welding machine comes with two 7018 3/32 inch electrodes and two 1/8 inch rods. Amico designed the ARC160D stick welder to compensate for voltage fluctuations, a feature that extends the service life of this welder.

4. Forney Easy Weld 180 ST.

Forney Easy Stick Welding Machine

The Forney Easy Weld 180 ST is a lightweight, inverter-powered DC stick welding machine that also provides DC TIG welding tool capability. This machine is designed with generator power in mind, tolerance to gross power fluctuations that are common in generator power sources. This machine is equipped with dual input voltages that can be connected to a 120 volt or 240-volt power source.

Forney designed the Easy Weld 180 ST arc welding machine with a high-frequency lift type TIG torch to minimize tungsten element contamination and reduce consumable consumption. Unfortunately, the TIG torch and gas regulator has to be purchased separately if you want to do TIG welding. This machine is not compatible with foot adjustment pedals.

This arc / TIG welding machine offers a very wide current output of 10 to 180 amps. This 10 amp minimum limit is great for welding as thin as 18-gauge sheet metal for car bodywork or welding. What’s cool is that the Forney Easy Weld 180 ST is backed by a 5-year warranty.

5. Everlast PowerARC 160STH.

Everlast Stick Welding Machine

Everlast PowerARC 160STH is a DC stick welding machine that is strong and lightweight but still offers arc welding and DC TIG features. This machine is equipped with a dual voltage input which allows the user to plug-in 120-volt power for home industry or uses a 240-volt outlet for heavier applications. This machine is also equipped with a shoulder strap for easy movement at work so that the user’s hands can freely hold cables and accessories.

Unfortunately, this machine has one drawback from the TIG point of view which is not compatible with the TIG heat control foot pedal. In contrast, Everlast’s SV17 TIG torch comes with hand-operated, adjustable variable heat control.

With an extremely wide output range of 10 to 160 amps, the Everlast PowerARC 160STH is extremely versatile. This best stick welder is capable of welding thin metal sheets from size 18 to steel plates as thick as 1/2 inch. Interestingly, when you buy this welding machine, you will get a bonus tote bag to place the torch and TIG accessories.

6. Zeny DC Inverter Dual Voltage.

Zeny Best Stick Welder

If you are looking for a small arc welding machine at an affordable price, Zeny will likely be the best choice. Similar to the Amico welding machine, Zeny is an inverter welding machine with a dual input voltage, namely 115V and 230V with a maximum output of 160A. Although very similar, Zeny is priced even cheaper than Amico. Due to the low price, this stick welding machine is perfect for home use.

7. Sungoldpower 200A Arc MMA IGBT.

Sungold Power Best Stick Welder

Sungoldpower 200A is an MMA stick welding machine that is priced at an affordable price and is suitable for minor repair jobs. This machine is packaged in such a way that it has a work cycle that is very commendable. At such a low price, this tiny portable arc welder is sure to impress its users. The inverter is highly capable of supplying smooth currents with good hot starting and non-sticking levels. So this machine is great for amateur metalworkers because it is quite easy to use.

Regarding portability, Sungoldpower’s arc welding machine occupies the top position. This machine weighs just under even 15 pounds and has a great grip. The machine can automatically adjust to the input voltage to avoid errors. The control knob is a feature of this machine that allows the user to determine the required output amp then display it on a digital screen. Judging from the specifications, this machine is a very competent arc welding machine. Its rated duty cycle is 60% with an output current of 20 – 200 Amps which is considered very good. Users have the option of using a 110V or 220V input with the adapter provided.

8. Lincoln Electric CO K1170 AC225.

Lincoln Electric Best Stick Welder

The Lincoln Electric K1170 impresses its users the most. The reason is, this welding machine can work very toughly so that it gets the nickname “Tombstone”. This welding machine is also included in the heavy welding machine because it weighs 96 pounds. This makes it an extremely heavy-duty arc welding machine that can easily serve the user. In fact, this machine can work a lifetime no matter how hard the user works on it.

This Lincoln is not included in the inverter welding machine. Although inverter welding machines have many benefits, they are never as tough and powerful as transformer welding machines. In other words, Lincoln is a transformer machine that has high quality. In fact, the Lincoln K1170 is nearly indestructible under any circumstances.

Unfortunately, the welding machine consumes quite a bit of electricity as it requires a 50A 230V power supply. Users will also not be able to use this welding machine with a portable generator. In keeping with the general form of this prestigious brand, all the components are super heavy. From the tough metal casing to the ground clamp, electrode holder, and cables, nothing is cheap.

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9. Century Inverter Arc 120.

Century Best Stick Welder Machine

Century Arc 120 is one of the expensive 90A stick welding machines. Century is a respected and well-known US brand that always delivers good quality. Like Hobart and Lincoln, some people prefer to pay a little extra for a product than this.

This welding machine is suitable for comfortable home use using a standard 120V household outlet. However this machine is recommended for use on 20A circuits, but you can also use the 15A breaker if you don’t push it all the way to the maximum rated output of 90A. This machine has an infinite amperage selection dial (10 – 90A).

10. AHP Alpha-160ST.

AHP Alpha Best Stick Welder Machine

AHP Alpha is a small, quality DC stick that is very easy to use in a variety of conditions. This portable welder has the option of 240V or 120V use which comes with a power adapter. The DC TIG welding function is available on this machine, but you must purchase a TIG gun which is sold separately with the gas valve.

The control panel is equipped with a protective pouch making it easier to use. Accompanied by the infinite ampere selector knob, the user can control the power well. This button can even be turned into a touch panel selector.

After knowing some of the best stick welder recommendations, you can choose whichever brand suits your needs. However, make sure before buying a stick welder that you find out the shortcomings of the product to be purchased so you don’t regret it later. If you want to study welding you can visit

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