Welding Boots

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Welding boots are one of the most important shoes owned by someone who works in the welding field. The purpose of using these shoes is to protect the feet from dangerous objects that exist or fall on the floor. The second, to retain the heat caused by sparks of iron or metal during welding.

Welding Boots
Welding Boots

If you don’t use these welding shoes, then no one can guarantee your feet will be fine without being exposed to any danger. These welding shoes have specially designed materials, so you can’t replace them with other ordinary shoes.

Boots For Welding:

Welding Boots Parts :

If you buy welding shoes, you need to consider something. Not only the quality, but you need also to consider the parts attached to the welding shoes. These parts are important to note so that when used can function properly. The following are the parts of welding boots near me found in welding shoes.

• The upper protective part.

This component is one of the major parts of welding shoes. If the upper protective part is not made of qualified materials, the function will not be maximum. Usually, the good one has cotton and nylon material. So, it can withstand the incoming heat so as not to penetrate into or can also be called a metatarsal guard welding boots.

• Soles of shoes.

For the soles of the shoes, they should be thick and strong because if they are too soft, they can melt later if they are in hot temperatures or during the welding process. This, of course, will only make you uncomfortable when you’re working.

• Welding Boots Function

Just like other welding protection equipment products, this shoe also has a function to support the welding process. The function of this welding shoe was created in order to protect your feet when doing welding. It is no longer a secret that when welding, sparks of hot metal or iron can appear on the area of the foot, therefore a multifunctional protector that can overcome the problem is needed. You cannot use shoes with mediocre materials while in the process of welding, must use special welding shoes that are safe and also comfortable.

Best Welding Boots Recommendations :

Actually there are a lot of welding shoe products that are sold freely in the market, with various qualities offered. However, even though there are many choices, you must still prioritize quality when deciding to buy it. Here are the best welding boots metatarsal guard recommendations you can have, including:

1.  Timberland PRO 4000 Welding Boots.

Timberland PRO 4000 Welding Boots

Timberland Pro 40000 is a welding boot near me that has a height up to the ankles so that all your feet and fingers will always be protected from the dangers of welding. These welding shoes have soles made from synthetic materials and rubber soles that are very resistant to heat or oil.

Moreover, the texture of the sol is also very stiff, so it will not be loose when used. Only with a price range of IDR.2,245,000 to IDR2,570,000, you can get this high-quality welding shoes. Even on the outside of these welding shoes are also coated with metal and asymmetric shields so that they are safe and able to follow the shape of the feet well.

2. Timberland 53530 Welding Boots.

This welding shoe is one of the best products released by Timberland. It has three important principles. They are manufacturing its products, namely durability, safety, and comfort. This heat and water-resistant has the vision to protect your feet from all the dangers.

This is evidenced by the ingredients and also the insoles attached to it. The price of these shoes ranges from IDR 2,010,000 to IDR 2,969,000, actually very comparable with the quality presented. This shoe also has an asymmetrical design so it is very flexible to follow the shape of your feet.

3. Dr. Martens Ironbridge Welding Boots.

Martens Ironbridge Welding Boots

Welding shoes from Dr. This martens is comfortable and is quite popular among welding workers. An attractive design and a combination of classic colors, the main attraction of this welding shoe. Coated with steel, it will keep your feet safe from the splash of iron or metal. In addition, if a heavy object falls on the foot, this shoe will automatically provide protection. The outstanding feature is to remain resistant to the dangers of electricity. The price pegged to get these shoes is worth IDR 2,100,000.

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4. Ariat Men’s Sierra Wide Square Steel Welding Work Boots.

What stands out from this shoe is its classic design but it seems very trendy and stylish. The material of these shoes is premium grain leather which makes it be a durable welding shoe. In addition, another advantage is that it has soles that are comfortable and soft. It can really reduce the level of humidity. Not only that, but these shoes can also protect your feet from the dangers of electric. If you want to get all these advantages, you have to buy it at IDR 2,948,000.

5. Caterpillar Revolver Pull-On Welding Work Boots.

Caterpillar Revolver Pull-On Welding Work Boots are one of the welding shoes that have a simple design but look good when worn. Apart from that, these shoes are also very light and have a high degree of flexibility. Equipped with cushioned insoles and lightweight outer insoles, these shoes will treat your feet very well. The price of these shoes ranges from IDR 1,448,000 to IDR 1,897,000.

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6. Red Wing RW 5686 Work Boots.

This red wing welding boot is a product of choice because it has pretty good features, so it can last even for long periods of time. High-quality, hard cowhide leather creates a very safe shoe to protect your feet. To be able to get these shoes, you have to pay a price of IDR. 1,303,000.

7. Wolverine W10318 Sports Welding Boot.

This one welding shoe presents a high level of comfort for the wearer. The advantage possessed by these shoes is a layer of skin that is resistant to heat and water so that it will keep your feet dry. The content of nylon and cotton in these welding shoes can be compatible even if you use them for hours. For the price issue, you only have to spend IDR2,143,000 to get these advantages.

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Welding boots are one of the protective components which are very necessary for every worker. If you don’t have these shoes for welding, your feet could get hurt from falling heavy material or hot metal splashes.

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