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Welding helmet auto darkening is one of the head protection products which are necessary for working in the welding industry. The product can protect your head, eyes, face, and neck from metal and metal sparks. If you do not use these headgears, you can absolutely get hurt and unable to concentrate during working.

Therefore, for your comfort and safety, you should always use a protective headgear or welding helmet when working. Here is the welding helmet auto darkening review or all information related to this:

Welding Helmet Auto Darking

Welding Helmet Auto Darkening :

Of course, each tool has parts that function to support it to work when used. Likewise, with this head protector, there are several important parts that can make it function properly, including:

  • Head covering plates that function to protect the outside parts.
  • A spider clip that functions so the helmet doesn’t come off easily when used.
  • The front dark glass can protect the eyes from the rays that arise from welding.
  • Other parts are some equipment such as adapters, shields, and absorbent sweat. With those parts, when the process is running, the sweat on your body will not spoil your concentration.

Welding Darkening Auto Helmet Function

Every product must have a function that can help the user doing something. The same as this protective head (helmet), it is useful for protecting everyone from dangerous metal and iron sparks during the process works. It really avoids you from the metal which comes to the eyes and face. You need to know that it is made of plastic material that is resistant to heat.

For this reason, this head protector is very safe to use to support the welding process. In addition, if the welding helmet auto-darkening lens is good, the function will also increase. You can distinguish the glass from its coding. The greater the code number, the higher the level of darkness of the light and the better it is to use.

The Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Products

Best Welding Helmet Auto Darkening

If you work in the field of welding both at home and in the company, you really need a helmet. It can protect the head and the entire face from metal splashes or welding rays produced. This helmet is also very capable of protecting your eyes and all parts of the face from sparks. Indeed, the type of welding protective helmet has been widely available in the market. Even so, you should prioritize the quality. The following lists are the best auto-darkening welding helmet that’s very suitable to use to support the welding activities.

1. Hobart 770286 Flip Front Helmet.

This one welding helmet is very suitable for use when welding objects that are not too large or have a mass of iron that is not too large so that the heat generated is also not too high. An interesting feature of this welding helmet is that the glass is very flexible, so it can be opened and closed easily. The price offered by this helmet is also relatively cheap, only Rp. 190,000 (13.3$) it is also comparable to the specifications provided.

2. Antra AH6 Welding Helmet.

If you are a beginner worker, then this welding helmet is the right choice. It’s because it has a simple model but the features are good. Equipped with various attractive shapes, this welding helmet has been the best welding helmet auto darkening review award from buyers. One of the attractions is an extra lens in the glass section to make it durable and long lasting. In addition, there are operation features that use solar power. It is more environmentally friendly. You can get this helmet for Rp. 638,000 (44.66$).

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3. Lincoln Electric 3350 Series.

Lincoln Electric is a welding helmet that uses solar power for its operation. Equipped with 4C technology makes you can see the material. When welding, it is very clear and safe. This design can also remain comfortable during the process. The size of this welding helmet is also not too heavy, so it is easy to carry everywhere. Regarding the price, this welding helmet is quite expensive. Well, it can be comparable to the functions and technology offered, which is Rp. 3,425,000 (239.75$).

4. Jackson Safety Auto Darkening 46101.

Jackson Safety Auto Darkening 46101 is one of the trusted brands that has proven its quality in the welding field. This one helmet has a lens-level setting and glass darkness. Adjust it to have the best eye protection for you. The lens and glass settings will not affect the clarity of the object. The design attached to the helmet is also so attractive that it can make you feel more energetic when working. Regarding the price, purchasing the helmet can spend you about 100-200$.

5. Jackson Safety Auto Darkening 46157.

This welding helmet has sophistication in the field of technology. It can automatically darken the glass when exposed to the reflection of metal light or sparks. So, your vision will be safe properly. Besides that, the materials used to make this welding helmet are really lightweight.

Moreover, the front glass has aerodynamic technology that can cope with controlling the heat buildup on the helmet. This is comparable to the price offered at about 400$. According to various reviews, this product has a high quality in terms of protection. It makes this welding helmet very marketable.

6. Miller Electric Digital Elite Auto Darkening.

Miller auto welding helmet auto darkening on this one has a 2.5-inch glass which is very beneficial when used. This welding helmet is also not too heavy, only about 1.3 kg so that it will feel light on the head when worn. The feature has various button settings that will automatically adjust the level of darkness of light. They run when the darkening process is in progress. It aims to keep the eye protected. The price for a helmet that uses lithium battery power is around 4,819v.

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7. Esab Sential A50 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet.

The dark welding helmet has an automatic feature. Feel free with an aerodynamic system so that it feels very balanced when used on the head. The material used in this welding helmet is resistance nylon which will provide the best protection from heat and metal splashes. For the price, comparable to the quality and features offered, which is 290-350$?

Once the importance of using welding helmet auto darkening while working indicates that you should not miss this best product.

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