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Welding Inspector Salary Around The World – Finding a job that gives a high payment is everyone’s dream. There is some various type of job that can give you good payment, such as pilot, steward, actor or actress. People mostly think about what the job is and how much that will they get the job. Be in common fieldwork is a relief for certain people.

Well, how about trying a new kind of job. Do you ever imagine yourself be a welding inspector? What did you think when you hear this word? Are you thinking about what job did it do, or are you thinking about how much welding inspector salary is? Do you want to know more about the welding inspector? Check the information below.

Welding Inspector Salary
Welding Inspector Salary

Before knowing the welding inspector’s salary, you need to what is a welding inspector and what did they do. A welding inspector is a person who got in charge of the welder’s work and checks welding defects. They need to make sure that the welder does their job properly. The welding inspector has to check that the welder uses the right technique or not. Not only that, but they also need to ensure that the welders and their work fulfill the safety standard that applied. Of course, there are welding guidelines that they need to use.

The welding inspector must know the standards and keep up with the newest update. To be always up to date, the welding inspector has to attend some seminars or a certain course. People that work as welding inspector also need to give an explanation to the welder, so it is better if a welding inspector has good public speaking skills.

Certified Welding Inspector Salaries Wages:

Next is the welding inspector salary. This job is a global job. You can be a welding inspector anywhere. You can work in Europe, Asia, everywhere. Many places need this field. So, the opportunity from the job is so wide. The salary can be different at each place.

As an example Welding Inspector salary in the United Kingdom can get payments from $34,529 until $117,247 for each month. Next move to Canada, you can get pay C$42,922 until C$130,021. In Africa, you get pay R124,913 until R585,525. When you work in Dubai you get pay from AED 69,000 until AED 159,000. In Malaysia, you can earn RM 176,874 each month. Lastly, if you work at Alaska you can get $31.42 per hour.

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So, that is some information about the welding inspector salary at a different place. The salary that you get can increase when you have the certificate after graduating from the course that related to welding inspector qualification. The Certain skill that is proven by the certificate will be very helpful to get more money for your job.

In other additional information, most people that work in this field is men, but it does not mean that a woman cannot apply for the job. If you have the qualification and you want to try the job, please apply for it. No one knows that you maybe get accepted in this field. Hopefully, this can give you the information that you need.

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