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Welding Respirator – Understanding welding respirator is so much necessary. When you decide to become a welding worker, you will absolutely run into various risks. It’s because the welding process is familiar with dangerous objects. However, there is no need to worry because there are so many protection products for those of you who work in the welding field.

Welding Respirator

The most dangerous thing besides sparks from metal is also the air that has been mixed with chemicals and welding fumes, which sometimes contain toxic substances. Therefore, all welding workers whether they are beginners or experienced must always use a respirator so that dirty air, steam, dangerous smoke will not be able to enter the respiratory tract.

Welding Respirator Parts

As with protection products during other welding processes, respirators also have important parts to maximize their function. You need to know these parts to make it easier if you later want to buy the tool.

  • Filter section.
    This part is a very important component and must be really considered before buying a respirator. Ideally, the filter section is made of a material that is able to protect dirty air into the nose, and usually, are conductor objects that can conduct heat.
  • The rope section.
    The next part is the rope used to attach the tool to the nose. The rope should have a high degree of flexibility so it won’t hurt when used. You should also choose a soft strap material that feels soft when it touches the skin and is comfortable to use.
  • Welding Respirators Function.
    Wherever the welding process that you do, there will always be dangerous substances produced. Because the steam and smoke will give the risk of getting some diseases. They are such as strep throat, nausea, irritation, and the most frequent is dizziness. However, there are also the most fatal effects of heart disease. Of course, you love yourself and don’t want this to happen. Therefore, make sure to always use a respirator breathing apparatus when the welding process is taking place.

The Best Welding Respirator Recommendations :

A product is said to be the best if it can provide maximum functionality. So before deciding to buy a respirator, be sure to examine the benefits and advantages of the product. If you feel you already have good quality, you can consider buying it. Here are the best products:

• GVS SPR457 P100 Elipse Half Mask Respirator.

GVS SPR457 P100 Elipse Half Mask Respirator

The design possessed by this one welding respirator is very flexible, so it will be very comfortable when worn. Equipped with the anti-slip feature, the position can be changed according to your convenience. The ability of this tool is also extraordinary because it contains great ingredients. The ingredients are resistant to oil and heat, so it always gives a moist atmosphere to your face.

The appearance that is offered by this type is very futuristic and also so trendy. The filter section is also specifically designed to be comfortable to use when breathing. In addition, the large cover will minimize the condensation of your breath. For your information, the price of this welding respirator is quite affordable, which is only Rp 406,000 (28.42$).

• 3M Rugged Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator.

3M Rugged Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator

This one welding respirator guarantees safe and comfortable breathing for you. The cartridge filter used in the filter section is able to prevent dirty air which can enter your nose and mouth. With a very cheap price, which is Rp 215,000 (15.05$), you can get a silicone face seal feature that is strong but still comfortable. This is very possible even if used for hours. The hollow part of the filter will keep breathing stable even though it is used. Equipped with spandex and polyester straps, it can stretch and tighten the respirator to your liking.

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• 3M 7502/37082 Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator.

3M 7502 37082 Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator

This half-face respirator has become the choice of many welding workers. It’s because this product provides the best protection. The material is from sophisticated silicon which will make you breathe easily. You will also feel cool and won’t get wet. This welding respirator also provides maximum protection against the dangers of dirty air, steam, and smoke caused during the welding process.

The material is smooth, will give a sensation of feeling soft when attached to the face thereby reducing the pressure of pain caused. Only at the price of Rp. 238,000 (16.66$), you can get a variety of these superior features.

• Miller Electric Half Mask Respirator.

Miller Electric Half Mask Respirator

Miller is a well-known brand that creates a variety of quality protection products that are guaranteed. Miller Electric is welding respiratory protection that is very maximum against the dangers of chemicals when welding. The exclusive pleated filter style also makes this tool look even higher.

The large cavity in the surface area helps to minimize the resistance to germs. In addition, this tool has a flexible belt, so that it can be loosened and tightened as needed. The money that must be spent to get this tool is worth Rp 355,000.

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• Miller ML00895 LPR-100 Respirator.

If you are interested in Miller’s product, then this welding respirator helmet is recommended for you. It has features that make it have maximum functionality. The design attached to this tool is so trendy for a respirator but still gives a strong and comfortable impression.

The seal on the front will not irritate your skin, because the shape is so flexible. In addition, protection against dirty dust, vapors, and harmful fumes during the welding process. With the price of IDR 463,000 (32.41$), you will get the Hepa Air feature from this product. It is very compatible to block metal sparks.

• 3M8515H41-A-PS Valved Respirator.

This welding respirator bunning is very suitable for welding workers who want to get maximum protection. It will protect them from harmful fumes and fumes generated during welding. This respirator has an M-nose clip feature that makes it very comfortable to wear. This feature can also block smoke and dirty air around you.

Once the importance of the function of the welding respirator indicates that all welding workers must have these tools. When doing welding can not be avoided if there will be dirty air and smoke that enters breathing. Therefore, with this tool, the problem of dirty air and dangerous fumes can be overcome easily.

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