Oxy Acetylene Welding Torch

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Welding Torch is a popular thing nowadays. Are you an artist who is making metal sculptures? or you are a handyman in a workshop? Surely you already know this welding, right? That is a mechanical device with an open flame and fuel gas and oxygen, which serves to melt two or more pieces of metal together creating a sticky seam.

Oxy Acetylene Welding Torch

The tool is often known to the public with an Oxy Acetylene welding torch and is easy to find in workshops. What are the parts of it? Here is more information about the parts, the recommendation, and the price.

Parts of the Welding Torch :

Before you buy this welding, make sure you already know the function of the mechanical equipment parts. So that when the time you use it, there will be no wrong usage that allows you to cause danger. Here are some welding torch parts and also an explanation:

1. Spare parts.

  • Direct Plug: to connect the Torch Assy Unit with a Wire Feeder, you can install it with a wire feeder from the same brand welding machine.
  • Power Cable: to deliver current originating from the welding machine to the Contact Tip, with different Power Cables.
  • Coll Liner: to stabilize the path of the welding wire in the Power Cable to Tip Body.
  • Torch handle: handle on the Torch Assy, you can buy new items from the welding machine supplier.
  • Torch Switch: to connect the start ON / OFF when you weld.

2. Consumable Parts.

  • Torch Body: to install the Tip Body.
  • Insulating Bush: an insulator between the Nozzle and the Tip Body.
  • Orifice or Ceramic: to filter the spread of CO2 gas contained in Nozzle.
  • Contact Tip or Tip Electrode: to conduct current from the welding wire that comes out (+). It also makes the welding wire melt when it comes in contact with the workpiece (-) that you are going to weld.

The Function of Welding Torch

The Function of Welding Torch

This welding is the mechanical equipment that people often use it in manufacturing cars, ships, pipes, and so on. The mechanical equipment has the function to melt, solder, cut, and connect metal easily. Placing welding between two metal parts and creating sparks to the melting point are the ways to do this.

The Best Welding Torch

In this highly sophisticated era, the welding is also starting to be provided with additional features, to make it even easier to use. In addition, some welding products also offer a pretty good quality with a Welding Torch Price which is certainly affordable. For those of you who are still confused about choosing the right welding, here is a list of the best welding torches:

1. STKUSA Gas Welding and Cutting Torch Kit Victor Type.

STKUSA Gas Welding and Cutting Torch Kit Victor Type

This mechanical tool is not only for welding, but it’s also for cutting, measuring, and soldering quickly. Besides flexible, this tool has several accessories, such as a gas hose, torch handle, oxygen regulator, acetylene regulator, and welding nozzles. Most people do not only prefer this product because of its superior design, but also because of its price. It is quite affordable when you compare it to other welding mechanical devices.

2. ESAB Victor Technologies 0384-2691 Medalist 350 System Heavy Duty Cutting System.

ESAB Victor Welding Torch and Cutting Torch

For those of you who like mechanical tools for welding and prefer heavy types, it looks like ESAB Victor Technologies can be made a choice. This welding tool has a maximum cutting accuracy of up to 8 inches. In addition, the metal used is also thicker and given additional precision.

The equipment is also equipped with the ability to weld metals that have lagging up to 3/8 inches, 6 inches, 12.7mm, and 76.22mm. Despite its weight, the mechanical equipment feels quite light when used. And equipped with acetylene oxygen regulator, with a colorful regulator code to make it easier when wearing it.

3. Thoroughbred GasPony 1 Portable Welding / Cutting Torch

Portable Welding and Cutting Torch

The welding equipment is quite multifunctional, which can be used for cutting, burning, brazing, and welding. This equipment has 20 cubic feet of the tube. It contains pure oxygen and acetylene tabun. You need to know, this equipment is capable of cutting steel to 5/16 inches.

Easily again, this mechanical equipment has accessories and equipment that are in a tote bag that is easy to carry anywhere. In addition, the design of the welding also considers ergonomic elements. Coupled with a long torch handle, in order to ensure comfort and make hands not easily sore when using it.

4. XtremepowerUS Harris.

XtremepowerUS Harris Welding Torch

Mechanical equipment from this one product, in addition to being able to weld it also can be cut. All welding torch kits are neatly packaged and easy to carry anywhere without taking up too much space. The kit consists of welding nozzles, welding hoses, torch handles, and oxygen and acetylene gas regulators. This welding equipment is quite popular with welders because it has an economical price and is also flexible to carry.

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Easy Tips For Finding The Best Welding Torch :

Here the easy tips to find the best welding you can follow:

  • Check the quality rating of the welding equipment.
  • Find out more about the equipment components and accessories contained in the kit.
  • Determine the level of ease in changing or exchanging handles and tubes.
  • First check the durability of the welding torches you will buy.
  • Also consider the ergonomic elements when choosing it.

Welding Torch Prices

If you want to buy this equipment for welding, choose the best one. You also have to consider the price whether it matches the budget you have. Usually, the welding torch price is around 3.5$ to 35$, depending on the quality and type of product. As for the engine itself, the price is 210$ to 420$ according to its welding ability.

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Those were the information about the Welding Torch. It’s absolutely helpful for those of you who are unfamiliar with mechanical equipment. In addition, some information also discusses the best products and prices as well as economical. Of course, it will make it easy in choosing which product you should buy.

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