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Different types of welding are grouped into three categories, based on electric heat, electric heat, and gas, explosion, and reaction isotherm. You can be studied different types of welding starting from welding processes, welding machines, and welding equipment, following the differences.

Different Types Of Welding By Electric Heat
Different Types Of Welding By Electric Heat

Types Of Welding :

1. Type of Welding Based on Electric Heat.

  • SMAW (Shield Metal Arc Welding).
    Is an electric arc welding flame shielded by using electric arc flame as the heat source liquefying metal. This type is the most widely used everywhere for almost all purposes of welding work. The voltage used only 23 to 45 Volts AC or DC, while for disbursement required welding flows up to 500 Amperes. But in general used ranges from 80-200 Ampere.
  • SAW (Submerged Arc Welding).
    Is immersed arc welding or welding with an electric arc flame. To prevents, oxidation of the liquid metal mains and additional material used grains of flux/slag so that the flame arc buried in the flux measurements.
  • ESW (Electro Slag Welding).
    Is stalled arc welding, SAW (Submerged Arc Welding) similar but the difference in the type of bow ESW flame melt the flux, arc melting process stalled and went on dam flux into the electric current introductory material (conductive). So that the electrodes are connected with objects which are welded through the conductor.
    The heat generated from the resistance to electric current through the liquid flux/slag is high enough to melt the extra material welding and parent materials are welded the temperature reaches 3500 ° F or equal to 1925 ° C.
  • SW (Stud Welding).
    Is weld foundation bolts, use to connect parts of the steel construction with parts contained within the concrete (anchor bolts) or “Shear Connector”.
  • ERW (Electric Resistant Welding).
    Is an electrical resistance welding is by detainees of the heat generated by the electrical flow becomes higher so that the melt of metal to be welded.
  • EBW (Electron Beam Welding).
    Is welding by electron bombardment process, welding cash disbursements caused by heat generated from a springboard electron beam directed at the object to be welded.
Different Types Of Welding By Gas Shielding
Different Types Of Welding By Gas Shielding

2. Type of Welding Based Heat Electricity and Gas.

  • GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding).
    Consists of MIG (Metal Active Gas) and MAG (Metal Inert Gas) welding with a gas flame are produced from an electric arc flash, which is used as the liquefying metal in welding and metal-enhancer. Oxidation protective gas used as a protective form of the eternal gas (inert) or CO2.
  • GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) or TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas).
    Welding with a bow is a flame with a tungsten/electrode made of tungsten, while certain additives are used the same material or similar to the parent material. To prevent oxidation, wear eternal gas (inert) 99% Argon (Ar) pure
  • FCAW (Flux Cored Welding Arc).
    s essentially similar to the GMAW welding process. Gas patron also uses the same carbon dioxide CO2.
  • PAW (Plasma Welding Arc).
    Is electric welding with plasma similar to GTAW only on this process using a shielding gas mixture of argon (Ar), nitrogen (N) and hydrogen (H) or commonly known as plasma.
Types Of Welding Base On Explosion
Types Of Welding Base On Explosion (Wikipedia)

3. Type of Welding Based on the explosion and reaction isotherm.

  • EXW (Explosion Welding).
    Is weld heat source obtained by detonating ammunition fitted to a mold in that section and fill the mold provided. This is a very practical way to connect the steel wire/wire rope.

The type of welding above may be useful to you in learning about the science of welding. Read articles about another welding in weldingis.com.

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