Best TIG Torches

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Best TIG Torches

Best TIG torches or Tungsten Inert Gas is a welding process that occurs using tungsten electrodes (non-consumable tungsten). This tool is specially designed for those who work as metal construction professionals and beginners.

The function of this tool is to unite metal materials to form a complete object, utilizing welding. Usually, the welding area is protected by a covering made of gases such as argon, helium, or even a combination of both.

Surely you already know several series of procedures in the welding process, such as the metal preparation process which involves a lot of equipment from cutting, measuring to cleaning. Now in TIG welding itself, there are several components that you need to prepare. One of them is a torch, a tool that is used as a handle, to make it easier for you in the welding process.

Torches themselves have automatic or manual modes that you can choose according to your needs. Most welders have an automatic handle equipped with a mounting rack. There is even a non-consumable tungsten electrode available, as a space for shielding gases and conduction alloys. Usually, the material used for torches is plastic insulation.

The Recommendation of TIG Torches

There is a wide selection of the best TIG torches that are marketed with various brands and types as needed. For those of you who are beginners, you are certainly a bit unfamiliar, even confused by the various categories or choices of torches on the market.

Moreover, now many companies offer the best TIG torches brand, with their respective advantages. Therefore, if you need clearer and more detailed information regarding TIG torches. We recommend that you consider the following information on the list of 10 best quality TIG torches that you must know.

1. Weldcraft WP – 20 – 25 Water-Cooled TIG Torch.

WeldCraft Miller TIG Torch

The first recommended TIG torches is the Weldcrat wp-20-25 water-cooled TIG torch. This series is necessary for the welders because of its much lighter and slimmer weight. A 70-degree angle between the handle and the head makes this tool easier to use. Even if you want to fit this TIG into a narrower area, it is certainly not a problem because of its compact design.

For mechanical equipment, these tools can be found easily in various stores. It also handles heat very well when welding, so you as the user will feel more secure and comfortable. Moreover, the shape of this tool is very sturdy using consumable spare parts that are more economical in the pocket. Additionally, the TIG torch series now comes with a one-year warranty, with electrode sizes from 0.020 to 0.125 inches.

2. Miller Weldcraft A – 200 Air-Cooled.

Miller WeldCraft TIG Torch

Furthermore, the second list of the recommended TIG torches is the Miller Weldcraft a-200 air-cooled TIG welding torch. It is an air conditioner with six variations of the model which has a wide selection of customizable spare parts.

This series is different from the previous series, in that several parts of this tool can be exchanged throughout the series. Such as the body and neck corners which can be used separately to regulate gas flow in the welding process.

In addition, the model is very flexible, it can be used with a valve or without a valve. The material used is made of solid copper which can be bent at different angles and will not break, even this series can still provide the maximum cooling process when welding.

There are many choices of spare parts offered by manufacturers, so there are almost no special drawbacks that this series has. No wonder this series is most widely used in various industries because it comes with a 1-year warranty and various other advantages.

3. Parweld WP17 TIG Welding Torch.

Parweld WP17 TIG Welding Torch

The third recommended TIG torches list is the Parweld WP17 TIG welding torch. This series is perfect for those of you who want to buy a TIG torch at an affordable price. It even includes compatible industry-standard parts, with a thirteen-foot hose.

The body of the tool is made of copper and uses a standard M16 socket equipped with a two-pin connection, even the plug can be replaced with a five-pin connection so that it functions optimally like a professional welder.

This TIG torch is equipped with a cover that is sewn together, so the covering looks stronger. This series is highly compatible with touchless arc ignition types, where the valve can still work on engines without a gas solenoid.

4. RX Weld 55PCS TIG Welding Torch.

RX Weld 55PCS TIG Welding Torch

For those who are looking for a crack-resistant TIG torch made of plastic at an affordable price, it is highly recommended to choose RX weld 55pcs TIG welding torch which can work well. Despite the impact of a higher temperature during welding.

Then it is still possible to weld all pipes, with various welding methods. One of them is the TIG arc welding method by combining different welded joints, even this series can also be used for carbon steel and some other low alloy steels.

This TIG torch is easy to use for various types of welding such as WP 17, WP 18 and WP 26. With a very close electric conductivity ratio of around 2% with tungsten electrodes. To perform welding on AC or DC voltages, without changing the welding program. This series also provides two types of heat resistant or rings with small, medium and long 3 back caps.

5. CK CK17-25 – RSF FX TIG Torch.

CK CK17-25 - RSF FX TIG Torch

The CK series itself is one of the most well-known TIG series and is favored by many professional welder. This series is made of brass instead of copper, to remove thread clogging. Brass is self-lubricating, even under pressure to regain its original size quickly after cooling.

In fact, this series is also equipped with fail-safe fittings that do not require cable ties to keep it safe. Equipped with a silicone hose to provide high resistance, long wear, and long-lasting flexibility, this series can double function with a nylon webbing cover to make the hose last longer. It is also coated with silicon to minimize high-frequency loss when used for welding.

6. Miller Weldcraft A – 150 TIG Torch.

Miller Weldcraft A - 150 TIG Torch

One of the spare parts with an air cooler which is equipped with a pressure of 150 amperes. It is slightly larger in size than a TIG torch than a water cooler of the same power level. The series features a striped handle design to keep the TIG cool during long welding sessions.

Ergonomic design that provides an easy grip shape so that it can provide a good angle for welding and can reduce the risk of easy welder fatigue. Even this series can swap certain parts to improve individual aspects. Besides, this series is also equipped with a 1-year warranty.

7. CK TL26 – 12 – RSF FX Torch.

CK TL26 - 12 - RSF FX Torch

The next Gas Tungsten Arc Welding torches variant is the VK TL26-12-RSF FX torch with a sleek red lining on the tube. In fact, this series is very flexible specifically designed to work at 200 amperes. This series is very lightweight but durable, you can even use it in large-scale projects. The advantages of this series include a sturdy brass head.

Generally, the TIG torch head is made of copper, but this series has used brass. Where the brass material can reduce or even eliminate the potential for thread snagging or slippage. Hose fittings are fail-proof and also have the best protection, as long as they don’t use cable ties. This series also offers a mixture of silicone rubber which aims to prevent leakage.

8. Weldtec Speedway Deluxe TIG Torch – Best Overall.

Weldtec Speedway Deluxe TIG Torch

If you’re looking for the best water-cooled TIG torch on the market, the Weldtec speedway deluxe TIG torch-best overall is the right choice. Equipped with a large 25 feet which allows you to go long distances without moving it. This series cable cover is responsible for keeping the cables safe and easy to drag on the floor.

You can even weld for hours straight with this TIG torch at high amps. Where the engine will get a little warm because the water cooling system is effective in keeping the temperature low. There is a feature for connecting cables without the need for tools or clamps to secure and adjust the hose. It’s so interesting, right?

9. CK FL150 Air-Cooled TIG Torch Kit.

CK FL150 Air-Cooled TIG Torch Kit

Furthermore, the best TIG torch variant with air conditioning that most users recommend is the CK FL150 water-cooled TIG torch kit. The series is specially designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and flexibility with short leads, to achieve the welding positions you need. You should know that this series has been designed for pipe welding. Thus making other types of TIG welding easier.

10. Reboot the TIG Torch for Welding.

Reboot the TIG Torch for Welding

The last TIG torch list is a reboot of the three torches for convenient welding. Heads flex into multiple positions to provide diversity to your welds. This TIG can weld about 150 amperes without heating it. This is because the ability of the air conditioning system with fewer amps can produce good welding, with a small cable length of 13 feet that can cover a reasonable distance.

This series is also equipped with a manual gas valve which is not designed for automatic gas filling. Even the buttons are quite sensitive, but they still function properly. It turns out that this series offers a cup size 4 if you want to reach a wider area of gas affected. Then you have to buy a cup in a larger size.

So that’s a review of the 10 best TIG torches list that you must know before buying it. Especially for those of you beginners who want to open up big opportunities for the best quality welding industry. Make sure that all the necessary welding tools and equipment are available. Hopefully, this information can be useful and help you in choosing the recommended TIG torches.

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