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Welding GogglesWelding is one of the jobs that are quite dangerous and can cause serious burns. Therefore, for every welding activity that is carried out, the welder must use self-protection equipment. They are such as welding gloves, hats, masks, and welding goggles. By using some of the equipment earlier, you will avoid the danger of sparks or sharp objects that might hit the body.

Welding Goggles

Parts of Welding Goggles :

To maximize protection for its users, the Welding Goggles also have several parts that are interrelated to their functions. If one part of them is not available, the function of the protective goggles will not work as it should. The parts of welding glasses include:

  • Front frame, the part that serves to support and hold the lens.
  • Rim or Eyewire, where the eyeglasses are attached.
  • Bridge, the part that functions to connect between the left and right reams.
  • Bar, part of the bridge located above.
  • End piece, the place where the glasses hinge is located.
  • Nose pad, buffer frame that attaches to the user’s nose.
  • Guard arm, which is the supporting leg where the nose pad is attached.
  • Paste/leg glasses serves to link the glasses with the user’s ear.
  • Hinge/hinge, useful as a connecting front frame and temple/glasses legs.
  • But portion, where the temple is located close to the hinges.
  • Bend, the protective goggles are curved downward.
  • Shaft, part of the temple that functions to connect the but portion and bend.
  • Earpiece/temple tip is the tip of the temple.
  • Dowel hole, hinge hole located on the but portion and serves to connect the temple and rim.
  • Shield, a small plate which is located at the front of the end piece and can only be found in a plastic material frame.

Welding Goggles Function :

The everybody protection device has its own function. As is the case with welding protection tools that are usually used when welding. Welding Goggles Screwfix serves to reduce the risk of accidents that may occur. In addition, it also serves to protect the eye area from dangerous work, such as welding that can cause sparks.

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Best Welding Goggles :

Welding consists of several types and also brands that are often the choice of welders. Some of them even offer a variety of features that are superior enough to protect worker safety. The many choices of Welding Gloves that exist, sometimes also make it confusing to choose the right welding glasses. Here are some recommendations for the best welding glasses that can be used as a reference:

1. Titus Welding Goggles shade 14.

This type of glasses offers up to 14 shade sizes which are rarely found in other types of glasses. The welding goggles are CE, ANSI Z87.1, and EN175 compliant certified. The size of them is also quite flexible, to make it feel right when used, you can adjust the size of the strap on the glasses that are already available.

In addition, the lens on them is exchangeable for shades numbers 11 and 9. This allows you to use the welding as an eye protection tool, when welding torches or solder, plasma cutting, and MIG welding. Not only that, the outside of the welding, there are additional protectors to prevent damage during wearing glasses.

2. Miller Electric Auto-Darkening Welding Goggles Shade 13.

This type of welding glass is equipped with a dark-colored lens that allows users to do welding in a limited area. These types of sunglasses are Z87.1 certified and come in a variety of lens shade sizes that can be adjusted. Among them are shades 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13. Thus, these welding goggles can be used for cutting and welding oxy-acetylene, TIG welding, and MIG welding.

The welding goggles have a feature in the form of two sensors that provide switching speeds of 1/15000 sec. The glasses are also equipped with a battery that can last up to 1000 hours. At the bottom of the welding also has an additional adapter mask.

3. Server ARC-513.

This welding eyewear product is a leader in the market because the eyewear product is designed with ergonomics in mind and equipped with automatic lighting that is rarely found. In addition, the shade level of the eyeglass lens can be adjusted according to needs, both in normal mode and automatic mode.

This type of glass is also capable of detecting arc welding and darkening the lens, simply by pressing the power button to activate the feature. To add comfort to the user, these glasses are designed with additional frames to minimize fogging.

4. Titus Welding Goggles Shade 11.

The size of the shade of the welding is shade 11 with a green lens that is easy to remove. These glasses have more safety standards than ANSI Z87.1 and Z80.3. In addition, it is also equipped with a strap that is easily adjusted so that it is comfortable when worn. Meanwhile, goggles are often used in milling, welding, and soldering torches at moderate temperatures.

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5. Jackson safety 3004761 Nemesis Shade 5 glasses.

The design of these eyewear products is designed skillfully and given a sporty touch. The glasses that have green lenses also meet the safety standards of welding glasses, namely ANSI Z87.1 +, and are compliant with CE. In addition, this one eyewear product provides up to 99.9% UV protection.

6. Hobart 77026 Shade 5 Glasses.

The Hobart brand welding goggles are designed with a stylish, ergonomic, and functional frame of course. In addition, the lens is also made of polycarbonate which is shock-resistant and scratch-resistant. For safety standards, Hobart already has the ANSI Z87.1 standard and has a UV400 rating.

7. Miller Electric Shade 5 Welding Goggles.

Welding Goggles Miller

Miller welding goggles are an option for the right welding goggles because they are good enough in cutting plasma with low amp levels. The frame and lens of the glasses are also made of polycarbonate. And has met the ANSI Z87.1 standard and provides optimal protection from UV rays up to 99.9%.

8. Forney 55320 Goggles.

Glasses that have a shade of 5 are designed to do gas welding and plasma cutting. Equipped with a front lens that can be replaced up to no.5, which makes it easy when welding.

Price of Welding Goggles :

Welding goggles’ price is actually quite economical when compared to the protection that it provides for you. The price range, itself depends on the material of these glasses. In general, in the official price range of $10 to $68 or more.

If you want the best quality welding goggles, you can see the references in welding goggles near me and welding fix goggles. Not only design but on the web, you can also check every price of welding glasses that are priced easily.

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Similarly, some information related to Welding Goggles that you might be able to know. It is hoped that later, you will be more careful in doing work by using personal protective equipment which will not jeopardize safety. Moreover, welding activities are quite vulnerable to sparks and also sharp objects.

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