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A welding jacket is one of the clothes that are needed for people whose work is related to the welding world. It is no longer a secret that working in this field must deal with fire or metal sparks. Therefore all workers in the field are required to have and also use an anti-sparking jacket while working. Finding a jacket is not a difficult thing because there are already many products sold on the market.

Welding Jacket

Jacket For Welding :

Parts of a Welding Jacket :

To be able to fulfill its function as a welding protector, this welding jacket near me has supporting parts. The supporting sections are as follows:

  • On the front, which is the right and left side of the clothes. There is a sizable pocket and inside it contains cotton and nylon. The content of cotton and nylon serves to protect the front of the body from metal sparks.
  • Then the right and left arms also have large pockets. It is a conductor material, making it easy to conduct heat that touches the arms.
  • For the entire fabric, this jacket uses super leather that can dispel heat generated from metal splashes. And also can deal with hot iron friction.

Welding Jacket Function :

This jacket is one of the products that is different from other jackets. Moreover, it is comfortable in any place. Having supporting contents related to anti-heat material, welding jacket leather has the function to protect welding workers from metal or hot iron splashes. That is because most of the material from the jacket is thermal insulation. However, in order for its function to be more perfect, it must be with the use of masks, helmets, and protective gloves that are also heat-resistant.

The Best Welding Jacket :

As someone who works in the welding and electricity industries, it would be better if you use a jacket that can protect you from heat and metal splashes. However, of course, when buying a black stallion welding jacket, you not only prioritize its function but also must pay attention to the comfort of the wearer. When you jump into buying directly on the market, you might find some cheap jackets but actually, the quality is also low.

Well, if you buy it, of course, it will not get comfortable, but it could actually get a wound when used. It is undeniable; that it is indeed not easy to find a product that has good quality in terms of ingredients, safety, and also comfort. Therefore, here are some of the best welding jacket products you can have.

1. Miller Electric.

Miller Welding Jacket

Miller electric jacket type is one of the products that you must have if you are a worker in the welding field. The material of this welding jacket leather is a blend of 12 percent nylon and 88 percent cotton. The combination of the two materials produces a jacket that is friendly to heat and can protect itself from the appearance of metal splashes. In the opinion of some people, this jacket is also very comfortable when worn, even if wearing a home-like dress. The price range of this jacket is Rp. 404,000, according to the qualifications possessed.

2. BSX Angelfire.

BSX Welding Jacket

This jacket has a feminine design that is specifically good design for women who work in the welding field. The feminine style looks from the straps that are attached to the arms and waist, its function is to regulate the density and looseness of the body in that part.

Despite having a material that is not too thick, this jacket still prioritizes its function as a protector from heat and metal splashes of iron. For the material, this jacket is made of cotton which is processed with FR technology to produce quality products. The price range of this feminine jacket is around Rp. 347,000.

3. Hobart Flame Retardant.

Hobart Welding Jacket

This jacket is quite popular among welding workers because the material is already 100% cotton so it is very comfortable when you use this. Even in the dry or hot season, you don’t need to worry anymore. This jacket welding also has an affordable price compared to the others, which is around Rp. 345,000. Its size is not too thick; it is also possible for you to always carry it everywhere easily.

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4. Carhart’s Men Flame Resistant.

This jacket has a material that is almost similar to an electric miller, which is 80 percent cotton and 12 percent nylon. The design of this jacket is trendier than the others because there are collars and two breast pockets that also make it look more attractive. This jacket, which is quite expensive, at Rp.2, 392,000 also, has the privilege of being able to expel odors and increase humidity.

5. Lincoln Electric Heavy-Duty Leather.

Lincoln Welding Jacket

This jacket, which also has a trendy design, is a genuine cowhide but is not too heavy. The fabric is hollow and smooth to provide access to stable breathing for the wearer. In addition, the price range of this jacket is Rp. 1,900,000 which is comparable to its features, which can be very compatible for professional welding workers. Feel very comfortable and safe. Moreover, if you use this jacket your breathing will not be disturbed because the texture of the fabric is smooth and soft. Waylander Kevlar Stitched Cowhide.

Waylander Kevlar Stitched Cowhide is a jacket with high-quality cow leather. The cotton is very resistant to fire or metal sparks. Many say if this product is the only fire-resistant jacket that has high quality, none of them even outperform the quality of this fabric. The level of comfort and flexibility possessed by this fabric is also very satisfying for its users. The price of this jacket is an average of Rp. 1,083,000, quite affordable to get a good look beside the quality.

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6. BSX Flame-Resistant Welding Jacket.

Well, the last heat-resistant jacket product is the BSX Flame-Resistant Welding Jacket which contains 9 ounces of cotton. It is resistant to fire, so it will be very safe for work. The specialty of this product is often referred to as the black stallion welding jacket. The part of the neck and waist feature straps that are easy to tighten and loosen. This jacket is very suitable for protection when welding activities outdoors. Even though the outside is quite hot and the material possessed can absorb cold weather well. The price of this jacket is very affordable, which is around Rp 441,000.

Once the importance of using a welding jacket when doing welding or things related to fire and metal sparks. Then you should now have to have the product. This is so that your work and activities do not get distracted and that they will remain smooth.

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