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Welding Gloves – Any work or activity carried out will be safe if equipped with security equipment that’s a standard protective device such as Welding Gloves. It is personal protective equipment to protect the hands of welders when doing their work. The welding gloves Amazon is made of several special materials to make your hands avoid the hot material and welding sparks from the welding process.

Welding Gloves

Parts of Welding Gloves :

In order to provide optimal protection at all times, gloves are not only made of special materials but are also the addition of several features to facilitate welding. In general, gloves look like some other types of gloves, which consist of five holes for fingers and adhesive on the wrist or on the arm.

However, these gloves are usually equipped with soft, soft cotton pads, to absorb sweat so that the skin is not damp and feels comfortable. In addition, the presence of cotton pads is useful to minimize pierced by sharp objects. Some welding gloves tig products are also with parts that are more resistant to very high temperatures.

Best Welding Gloves 2019 :

With the development of increasingly advanced technology, many gloves choices provide various levels of quality and high safety. However, it’s best when you buy these gloves, make sure that you have adapted them to the type of welding you are doing, both in terms of material and flexibility. This is so that you can do the welding comfortably and stay protected. If you feel confused about determining the right miller welding gloves, we recommend some of the best gloves, as follows:

1. RAPICCA Forge Welding Gloves.

Rapicca Welding Gloves

These gloves are made from the best quality leather which is known to be quite fire-resistant. The use of these gloves is not only driven by TIG and MIG welding. Of course, you can also use this for other things. Like wearing it when taking things from the oven, fireplace, and stove.

This glove has a strong double-layered Kevlar lining to cover the back of the hands, palms, and fingers. In addition, the shape of the glove is also long enough to reach the arm to ensure the safety of the user. Another fact, these gloves can withstand high temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius.

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2. Olson Deepak Heat-resistant Welding Gloves.

These brand gloves are available in premium quality leather, which means they provide superior hand protection. The stitches on these gloves are also quite strong, making it possible to withstand heavy and too frequent wear. The glove product is also famous for its flexible use. Because, you can use it for other purposes besides welding and soldering, which is to do mechanical work or carpentry that can make the skin exposed to danger.

To make the wearer comfortable when using gloves, this product adds a layer of cotton that is able to withstand heat. In addition, it also serves to absorb sweat, resulting in the hands not being easily damp. Then, it also shows you a cushioning feature on the palm to protect against the danger of sharp objects.

3. Lincoln Electric MIG / Stick Welding Gloves.

Lincoln Welding Gloves

MIG gloves are from cow leather with the best quality. A very impressive fact from these gloves is the high level of comfort. That is because the interior design of these gloves has a layer of socks. Gloves with this product have benefits for having worn pads and soft thumbs. So it is quite effective for use in a variety of welding activities because in addition to heat resistance it also becomes resistant to puncture sharp objects.

4. QeeLink Welding Gloves.

Qeelink Welding Gloves

This glove product is a kind of multifunctional welding glove because it is not only suitable for welding, but also for several other activities. This glove product presents a special material, thick and genuine leather that is useful for maximizing the durability of welding gloves from heat and sparks.

The seams on the gloves are three times stronger than ordinary welding gloves because the seams on these gloves use Kevlar thread which has a soft but strong texture. In addition, cotton pads that have the function to reduce humidity can protect you. Also, it is also available in a medium-sized bag for deviating goods.

5. Caiman White Goatskin Welding-Tig, Mig Gloves.

Caiman Welding Gloves

This Caiman welding glove product is good for welding MIG and TIG. Feel the warmth with white goat leather. At an affordable price, the welding gloves offer some quite impressive features, such as high cuffs. So as to protect the arm from the danger of burns that might occur when welding.

The leather material used in the manufacture of welding gloves is popular for its high level of softness and comfort. Making gloves of Caiman products has better thermal protection compared to other Welding Gloves TIG and MIG products.

6. US Forge 400.

This glove product not only has good and bright colors but also has a cushioning layer that is soft and comfortable. The stitching of the glove is also very strong, making the welding glove stronger than usual. Although the lining is strong and thick, the glove has a light mass. This is useful to help when welding becomes easier and more flexible. In addition, the product also provides protection from hazardous liquid materials, hot temperatures, sharp objects, and wear.

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7. Price of Welding Gloves.

Some products from Welding Gloves do set a pretty high price. However, it is not comparable to your safety at work. But do not worry, because some of these welding gloves products are durable enough for a long period of use. The price range is about 10 $ to 50 $. It depends on the material in the manufacture.

Some people who work on welding usually use products from Amazon Welding Gloves and Miller Welding Gloves, because the gloves are famous for their quality and economical prices. Not only have that, but Amazon welding gloves also sold several other types of gloves with international safety standards.

Similarly, information about welding gloves from several products and prices. By knowing this information, you will pay more attention to prepare the safe things first. Working by using some personal protective equipment, need to be careful. Use welding gloves, welding goggles, and also protection caps for example. If you neglect some of these protection devices, your safety is at stake.

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